Day 1 Of Driving Lessons: What To Expect

Taking driving lessons is required for those looking to receive their driver's license. This is because you need a certain number of hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor before you can take the test. Since driving lessons are typically the first time someone gets behind the wheel, it can be nerve-wracking. This is why it's beneficial to know what to expect on day 1 so that you are prepared and not as nervous or anxious about it. Here's what to expect:

The Nos:

First off, you should know that you won't be driving on the freeway on the first day. So, you don't need to be nervous about this, which many people are on the first day. Instead, you will stick to roads that are not busy and do not have high traffic areas. 

Things to Bring:

Be prepared for your lesson by bringing your permit, comfortable shoes, and sunglasses so that your vision is not obstructed. You will be much more comfortable if you are wearing shoes that do not slip off easily, such as flip flops. These can be distracting and lead to you having difficulty getting through your first lesson smoothly. When you're prepared, you are sure to have that much less to worry about. 

Learn to Adjust the Seat: 

One of the first things you might be nervous about is getting adjusted to being behind the driver's seat. Not to worry since your instructor will help you adjust the seat, the wheel height, and the mirrors before you start driving. This way, you are as comfortable as possible. Your instructor will show you where the basic controls are so that you can adjust the mirrors to your liking, as well as your seat. 

The First Drive is Around the Block:

Since you are likely starting your driving lesson outside of your home, your instructor will have you start by simply driving around the block. This way, the instructor can evaluate your skill set to determine where you need improvement and where they can start you out. Since you likely know your neighborhood well, this should also be easy and comfortable for you to do. 

When you know what to expect on your first day of driving lessons, you can be as prepared as possible and much less nervous when your instructor arrives. The less nervous you are, the smoother your first lesson is going to go. For more information, contact a business such as Morgan School Of Driving Inc.