Understanding Kindergarten Readiness Assessments

In many school districts, kindergarten teachers administer basic assessments of child readiness to new students before they enroll in a kindergarten class. During these assessments, your child may be asked to draw, count, read, and write to the best of their current ability. For some parents and children, these assessments can be somewhat stressful. However, if you understand the reasoning behind the assessments, you and your child may feel better about participating in them and can use them to help prepare for kindergarten at a school like Triple R Child Care. Read More 

Day 1 Of Driving Lessons: What To Expect

Taking driving lessons is required for those looking to receive their driver's license. This is because you need a certain number of hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor before you can take the test. Since driving lessons are typically the first time someone gets behind the wheel, it can be nerve-wracking. This is why it's beneficial to know what to expect on day 1 so that you are prepared and not as nervous or anxious about it. Read More 

Easy Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Physiology Reviews That You Can Implement From The Beginning Of The Semester

Whether you need to do well in your physiology course because you need to maintain your GPA or because you know that the final grade you earn for the class will impact your ability to get into the educational program you need, there is no doubt that being aware of proper studying and review techniques is essential. However, it is important to note that due to the complexity of the information, studying alone is rarely sufficient. Read More 

3 Ways to Cover the Costs of Your Child’s Private School Education

Some parents rule out sending their children to private school because they believe it is too expensive. What they might not realize is that there are ways to make private school more affordable so that their children can get the quality education they deserve. If you are considering private school for your child, here are some ways to ensure you can afford the tuition and other related expenses.   Check for a Voucher Program Read More 

Childcare and the Montessori Method: Materials Make the Difference

Childcare is not all the same. Yes, there are general "daycares" that supervise your little one while you're away. But there are also centers that focus on educational philosophies. Montessori is one of these types of early learning environments. If you're considering this type of program, understanding what your little learner will be doing during her day is a must-do. This includes getting to know the materials that she'll use. Unlike other childcare centers, Montessori schools use specially chosen and designed materials. Read More